My eagerly awaited book is finally available for purchase! Spottisbrough is a pulp noir crime fiction novella that I have been working on for close to 1.5 years. After writing for numerous digital publications, worldwide, I finally decided, in early 2020, to venture into the world of book-length fiction. Being my first book, Spottisbrough does indeed mark a new milestone in my writing journey, and I would like to thank everyone who has supported me along the way!

My poem entitled, "The Computer Has Decided! The Computer Has Decided!" was awarded a place in the International Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2020: Mingled Voices 5.

My poem entitled, "A wasteland of arrows" was awarded a place in the International Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2022: Mingled Voices 7.

“Heritage Food of the Peranakan Indians: In a Chitty Melaka Kitchen,” is a labour of love by the Chitty Melakan community in Singapore. Published by the Peranakan Indian (Chitty Melaka) Association of Singapore (PICMA), the cookbook comprises of 91 recipes unique to the community that showcases the diverse and multi-faceted nature of the culture and heritage of the Peranakan Indians. As a Peranakan Indian myself, I was ecstatic to assist PICMA in developing the content of the book. I also submitted a poem written in Malay, which was chosen for publication. The poem is entitled, “Lo hei 捞起 — Semangat Orang Chetti,” found on page 68. Post-publication, I am assisting with the publicity, marketing and distribution efforts for the book.

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ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK/ David McMurray | : Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis

piercing the veil between this world and the next MRI machine --Joshua St. Claire (York, Pennsylvania) crescent moon reminds me of my dad working in fields --Xiaoou Chen (Kunming, China) “Hands-off please” a message from God... lilies in the fog --Kiyoshi Fukuzawa (Tokyo) my map crumpled by the wind-- moon gazing --Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania) the monsoon slices pitch-black of the backwaters-- Malabar moonrise --Monica Kakkar (Kerala, India) The haikuist’s family celebrate

Lo hei 捞起 — Semangat Orang Chetti

Lo hei 捞起 — Spirit of the Chetti people by Ryan Joshua Mahindapala, FRSA (We must) Appreciate our culture Do not forget your family Mix all the ingredients on the plate! After this, you will win money playing Cherki! Ryan Joshua Mahindapala FRSA is a published author and a fellow of The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, UK (The RSA). He graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelor of Laws and is admitted to the Singapore Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor. Current

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is celebrated every first Thursday in October, and following this year’s theme of ”choice” we encouraged students to share with us their own poetry in any theme, style, or structure of their choosing! Here are a few of our poets’ submissions. Back where it came Or should I say This is my shelf Turn back to look at the backs turned at me or plummet into the abyss. The edge of the precipice is not very forgiving. She thinks I’m like a red herring, swallowing her bit by bi

ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK/ David McMurray | : Breaking News, Japan News and Analysis

summer vaccine and virus war in our veins --Elancharan Gunasekaran (Singapore) swarm of cicadas developers and testers debugging in the war room --Amrutha Prabhu (Bengaluru, India) in between the U.S. and Canadian Falls double rainbows --Marshall Hryciuk (Toronto, Ontario) more prayers for peace over from the Middle East eclipse of the moon --Francis Attard (Marsa, Malta) mother’s peace center she wills me her wish to save the world --Kath Abela Wilson (Pasadena, California) Th


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K B Ryan Joshua Mahindapala: Poems

I sit on the edge of uncertainty Confused about the world And about my place in it Questioning all that I once knew to be true I feel like I am going to fall off Fall off the edge of a cliff Except that this is not a cliff This is the end of the road and nothing in the abyss The road ahead is blurred I do not see anything in my future I only see something when I turn back What I see is a road that I was never sure of I am not alone on the edge, but I feel alone Because other


You are the problem The world is in peril but there are some who just want to see it break into pieces for their own gain and to hide their shame You have money and you have power the military and a big tower with supporters who follow you blindly not like you are so mighty Money in your pocket you have stolen it from the innocent and the lost and lonely have you no pride for your country and your own people Guns on the streets killing the innocent while you the coward in command sits


The following is an excerpt from Ryan’s thirteen chapter short story Spottisbrough. Spottisbrough Lane is a rarely used back alley in the city fringe district of Morington Estate. Perfectly understandable because of the knocked over rubbish bins, swarms of flies hovering over torn trash bags and rats searching for half-eaten food left behind by greedy humans so engulfed in life living in the urban jungle that they wilfully neglect basic decency. Anybody new to the neighbourhood would instinctiv

My Dove

That you and I are nothing but true My heart will keep on loving you Never a doubt, without any fear I proclaim this for my oh, so dear Gonna tell you how I feel I need to say this You were the one, always the one Near or far, our time will come I’d give up everything for you I will be with you You take my breath away, you take my pain away Let’s cherish this moment, I want to say Oh, baby, you are the only thing I will ever need I need you like a heart needs a beat Come with me, s

The Path

The runner’s soul aches for the long and winding road, The challenge is his abode, What he sees and what he hears, Advancing in age, through the years, Placing one foot in front of the other, Fast as lightning with passion, roaring like thunder, The runner’s time on the long and winding road is limited, But he is not restricted, Wanting nothing but to conquer, Will the runner find his way back? As he finds no other, But only the path that leads to power.

Chetti Melaka A Celebration of Diversity in Singapore - MCCY

‘Hybrid’ isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when discussing one’s cultural roots, but for 30-year-old Ryan Mahindapala, it’s a word he feels best describes his Chetti Melaka heritage. The Chetti Melaka community first originated when the South Indian traders arrived in Malacca (then Melaka) during the 15th century and intermarried with the local Chinese and Malay women. Later in the early 20th century, many of them migrated and found employment at other cities, including Singa

Small Steps, Big Dreams

Our journey began in 2017, with the establishment of what was then known as the Legal Productivity and Innovation Department (LPI). The team originally had three core aims – to promote the use of technology within the legal industry, to assist law firms with innovation and capability development, and to administer grants and subsidy schemes to support the cost of adopting productivity and capability development solutions. In order to achieve these aims, we adopted a four-pronged approach to our

Book Review: The ‘Other’ Shangri-La by Shivaji Das

The ‘Other’ Shangri-La by Shivaji Das is a work of narrative non-fiction that features Tibet’s famed monasteries and their legends. This travelogue is an ode to the beautiful alpine region of the Sino-Tibetan frontier in Sichuan, China. Shivaji gives minute observations of his travels through this rarely visited part of the world and describes to us, the readers, all the meaningful moments of his travels through this region together with his wife, Yolanda Yu (fondly called Lobo). Their journey

First Venture into Coding

Looking into the abyss and the darkness looks right back at you. That is how I felt when I embarked on my coding learning journey. I did not know head or tail about it and was uninformed on the resources that were out there. This was the case until I was introduced to a small robot called the mbot (picture shown below) about a month ago by a close friend of mine. This robot is used for STEAM education. Although it is used by kids to get them to learn the basics of coding, I saw it as a great wa

Tap on Your Lived Experiences

Everyone comes from different backgrounds, cultures, and have unique experiences. These are the things that set us apart from each other. We can also attribute the formulation of our viewpoints, generation of ideas, and the making of our everyday decisions to where we came from and how our thoughts and emotions have shaped and developed since a young age. As writers, we communicate with the world. We are projecting our innermost thoughts, ideas and feelings to our readers, hoping that it would r

To be an effective writer, think of yourself as a data scientist

How to be a better writer Data science is about infrastructure, testing and learning to enable better decision making. The data analysis process is aimed at, inter alia, predictive modelling, reducing inefficiencies and operational blockages, enhancing performance measurement capabilities and maximisation of profits. Essentially, it forms the backbone of strategic and sound decision making. It is and has been the driving force behind innovation and research in many fields. What is writing all

Become a Better Writer: Do An MBA

Become a Better Writer: Do An MBA Most people out there may not associate a Master of Business Administration degree with the writing profession. When one thinks about what an MBA qualification is all about, more often than not, the first thought that comes to mind would be that a person who undertakes an MBA aspires to get a high paying job in banking, finance or business consulting. The fact is, the MBA degree is extremely versatile and can be applied across multiple sectors and job types. If

The magical world of data through the eyes of an MBA student | Strathclyde Business School Blog

According to Harvard Business Review, working as a data scientist is the, “sexiest” job of the 21st Century. It is and has been the driving force behind innovation, research and many other fields. The potential for high growth in one’s career development catches the attention of many young professionals seeking new opportunities and a higher income. In the digitalised world, information is the most important commodity and without a doubt, data scientists are at the forefront of this commodity tr

Now is the Time to Start Writing Poetry •

“Movement restrictions” and “lockdowns” are the buzzwords that we are hearing all over the world. Most are confined to their homes and have nothing to do. With so few options, why not exercise those creative juices. You might just come up with the next big idea. Personally, I love poetry and I have recently started putting pen to paper, documenting my thoughts, views and feelings. I want to be heard; I think so do you! Be bold, be brave and always strive to go the distance. Submit your poetry to

Be a go-getter: Get that dream job using LinkedIn •

Finding your dream job on Linkedin? Just be yourself Are you wondering how to look for a job in a tough job market? With the rise of big data and IoT, your online presence is as important, if not more important, than your physical one. Platforms like LinkedIn expands your professional footprint online. From a job seeker’s point of view, LinkedIn is used to find career opportunities, network, and connect with people that can help you achieve your career goals. It should be used to generate oppor

Doing an MBA in the time of COVID-19 | Strathclyde Business School Blog

Doing an MBA in the time of COVID-19 As COVID-19 changes our ways of working, studying and living, MBA student Ryan Mahindapala provides an account of doing an MBA during the pandemic and how he feels we will come out the other side with new attitudes. When I began my MBA journey, the world was a very different place. An invisible disease was unheard of, life was as per normal, the machinery of the global economy operated relatively smoothly and despite the fact that we did have our own proble

Using sport to support vulnerable communities and promote sustainability |

With the rising popularity of elite sport due to aggressive advertising, money making potential and prestige, the definition of, “sport” has indeed been blurred. Sport is not all about what is shown on television. In fact, in 2003, the UN defined sport, for the purpose of development, as “all forms of physical activity that contribute to physical fitness, mental well-being and social interaction, such as play, recreation, organised or competitive sport, and indigenous sports and games.” Have we,

Take On Your Next Race With a Pair of Iffley Road Compression Shorts

This compression shorts from Iffley Road is certainly a new and different piece of running gear that you would not usually find on the shelves. Iffley Road’s products represent the triumphant accomplishment of Sir Roger Bannister–the amazing sub 4 minute-mile that he ran in 1954 at the iconic Iffley Road Track in Oxford, UK. This particular product by Iffley Road is called the Chester 10" Compression Shorts in Raceday Blue. It also comes in the colour of Gravel Black and Night Sky. The s


The first thing I did after typing the title and subtitle of this article was to do a search on Unsplash for the word, “credibility.” I wanted to find a picture that gave the best visual representation of what this article was about. To my astonishment, the search results came up empty (at the time of writing this article). And that really is the reason why I am writing this article. What does a credible person look like? There may be no visual representation of what credibility is but I am go

The Young Need to Learn about Sustainability

Teaching our children about sustainability will give them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, plan for the future, and maintain a healthier planet. Children need to know that the environment provides support for all life on our planet and therefore must not be neglected. When you teach your children about protecting the environment, you offer them the opportunity to develop other aspects of good character. For example, when children learn to use clothes that are handed dow

Write about What You Believe in

Tips on how to be an advocate Write about your personal experiences and share with your readers about yourself. Why did you decide to join the fight for the cause that you are writing about? Did something happen in your life that is the reason for your decision? Let your readers gain an insight into your life and discover a side of you never seen before. Write about how your own prejudices were challenged as you developed a passion for fighting for a particular cause and how your world view ch

Develop a Strategy for Your life

What is strategy? Simply put, it is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall objective. Having a strategy is important because it gives us a sense of direction. It outlines measurable goals to guide your day-to-day actions without losing focus on your long term vision. Many of you would have heard of corporate strategy but this is different. The strategy being dealt with here is on a personal level and primarily, has got to do with the relationship that you have with yourself.

Be Part of the Iffley Road Legacy

Sir Roger Bannister ran a sub 4- mile on 6 May 1954 at Iffley Road track in Oxford, England. He was 25 years old at that time. Bannister’s accomplishment was reported all over the world and he was crowned as the greatest distance runner of his time. He was knighted in 1975 and lived till the age of 88. This is the story behind the world famous Iffley Road Track, where history was made. 66 years on, the legend of this famous venue still lives and breathes in all runners. It is a symbol of athlet

How to Be Confident That You Are the Right Person for The job

Many books, self-help sites, and even your career guidance counselor will tell you the same methods to handle interviews. Everyone who goes for an interview will follow the same steps to prepare for it. They are, reading up about the organization and the job scope of the position that you are applying for, linking your experiences (personal and professional) and type of qualifications to the job requirements, and talking to people who are working in the organization to get an insider’s perspect
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