You are the problem The world is in peril but there are some who just want to see it break into pieces for their own gain and to hide their shame You have money and you have power the military and a big tower with supporters who follow you blindly not like you are so mighty Money in your pocket you have stolen it from the innocent and the lost and lonely have you no pride for your country and your own people Guns on the streets killing the innocent while you the coward in command sits


The following is an excerpt from Ryan’s thirteen chapter short story Spottisbrough. Spottisbrough Lane is a rarely used back alley in the city fringe district of Morington Estate. Perfectly understandable because of the knocked over rubbish bins, swarms of flies hovering over torn trash bags and rats searching for half-eaten food left behind by greedy humans so engulfed in life living in the urban jungle that they wilfully neglect basic decency. Anybody new to the neighbourhood would instinctiv

My Dove

That you and I are nothing but true My heart will keep on loving you Never a doubt, without any fear I proclaim this for my oh, so dear Gonna tell you how I feel I need to say this You were the one, always the one Near or far, our time will come I’d give up everything for you I will be with you You take my breath away, you take my pain away Let’s cherish this moment, I want to say Oh, baby, you are the only thing I will ever need I need you like a heart needs a beat Come with me, s

The Path

The runner’s soul aches for the long and winding road, The challenge is his abode, What he sees and what he hears, Advancing in age, through the years, Placing one foot in front of the other, Fast as lightning with passion, roaring like thunder, The runner’s time on the long and winding road is limited, But he is not restricted, Wanting nothing but to conquer, Will the runner find his way back? As he finds no other, But only the path that leads to power.

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