This page is a small diary of my coding learning journey. Currently, I am coding in Python.

Using the Makeblock environment, I used the pyphysicssandbox library to create a simple 2D animation of shapes rotating and falling. Coding was done in Python. I think the practical application of this will be for creating simple 2D games and simulations for prototyping.

Using the Makeblock environment, pygame library and Python programming language, I took the first step in creating my very own 2D game. When the window opens after pressing “Run”, I am controlling the red box using the arrow keys on my keyboard. Size and colour customisations to the box can be made by modifying the code. 

I used pyphysicssandbox coupled with Python in the Makeblock environment to create this animation. Colour and shape customisations can be made depending on requirements and type of project.

In the Makeblock environment, I installed the pycharts library to create this simple pie chart. This can be used for LCD displays or presentations. 

The Makeblock environment allows me to experiment and discover the possibilities of using the Python programming language. And it is really fun, especially when I am able to see the practical applications of my creations. With pycharts, I was able to code this simple word cloud. Definitely will use this for my next presentation. 

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